2015 Duo Yi Zhai


In the spring of 2019, before heading to Kunming, we visited several tea shops for a week or so in the gigantic Beijing Maliandao. That effort paid out: this Duo Yi Zhai cake was the winner.

Duo Yi Zhai is the-highest-altitude puer growing village in Nannuo. This tea is a bit mysterious to us. It was pressed by a farmer who didn’t include his name or brand on the wrapper so we can really just talk about the cake itself. Of course that’s what matters after all.

Very well dry stored tea in Beijing with wonderful flower, hay, peach yogurt and bread complex notes. Very strong aftertaste. This cake may not come with wonderful story attached to it and honestly it doesn’t need one. It’s a special tea. We recommend it.

We are very happy for offering this full of flavour Gushu spring 2015 Nannuo Duo Yi Zhai.

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